Posted in January 2012

And so it rained

So much for wall to wall sunshine – it’s raining again today.  The girls think the pool looks like the sea – a bit choppy and with lots of raindrops falling on it.  The temperature isn’t much warmer than the British sea either… Today we will mainly be indoors.  Which is a problem as the … Continue reading

Monkeys and Moomins

Before I start, a warning – my lovely husband plied me with 2 large icy margaritas (slush puppy for grown ups) at lunchtime (4 hours ago) and it’s been such a long time since I consumed lunchtime alcohol I may still be under the influence, so apologies if I ramble a little! The girls are … Continue reading

And relax…

We’re here.  And for all those of you in a rainy England this morning, it’s raining here too.  Just in a bigger way!  Like many things here, it seems that Houston only does BIG rain.  We were due 6 inches (sorry no metric here) of rain over night and it’s been quite windy too. Yesterday … Continue reading

Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

No, this isn’t a tired parent update or even one from a nursing home.  This is what the Little One thinks a very famous Wham! song is called.  Before getting ill this week we had this on repeat for over an hour as she jumped around the kitchen.  I need to write it down here … Continue reading

Packing, puking and planning parties

It’s been a strange few days. A lovely lunch with my family on Sunday to celebrate my birthday (37!)  Must remember how old I am when people ask.  I have a vague memory of asking my Dad how old he was when I was about 7  and being completely stunned when it took him a … Continue reading


Image via Wikipedia So, here we are.  Just 11 days left in the UK before we fly to Houston: a house in chaos and 2 children missing their Daddy very much (he’s in Houston already starting the new job and organising the new house). Luckily Nanny arrives in the morning to provide some extra love … Continue reading