Posted in February 2012

Rodeo pics

Me and the Little One getting ready to see the Houston Rodeo parade – notice the cowgirl plaits (not something you’ll see on me often!)  I am missing cowboy boots and a hat though but I will be rectifying that very soon… Mexican cowboys Lasso! Big sky at the Katy Rodeo – take a look … Continue reading


So. we’ve been here for over a month (doesn’t seem possible…) and we haven’t done anything very Texan yet.  As I don’t eat meat, some of the restaurants are a waste on me.  The weather has been a bit rubbish too, so that hasn’t helped.  But this weekend is the start of the biggest rodeo … Continue reading

Chocolate digestives and carousels are lovely

Well, I probably didn’t have to tell you that but McVities chocolate digestives are particularly lovely when you know they are rare! I am gradually identifying shops that have some British treats in. So far I have found the aforementioned biscuits, something which is quite like a jaffa cake and Green and Blacks chocolate (thank … Continue reading

Playdate via Skype

The wonders of technology – the girls had a playdate this morning with their friends back in Reading. It was brilliant and entirely normal for them, apparently! They spent an hour playing Lego, getting dressed up to do a play together and playing hide and seek (obviously with the help of Mums with laptops). Just … Continue reading

Spending money is difficult

My lovely husband has been trying to buy a car. We get a company car as part of the package but this is not a place where you can exist with only 1 car per family. For example, I can walk to the local supermarket as it’s only half a mile. Unfortunately that half a … Continue reading