Chocolate digestives and carousels are lovely

Well, I probably didn’t have to tell you that but McVities chocolate digestives are particularly lovely when you know they are rare! I am gradually identifying shops that have some British treats in. So far I have found the aforementioned biscuits, something which is quite like a jaffa cake and Green and Blacks chocolate (thank goodness!) Obviously, none of these is cheap but it does mean that I only have to fill the suitcase with Cadburys Freddos and Curly Wurlies for the girls (and Oliver) when we’re back in the UK next week.

We’ve had a busy weekend, doing some typical Texan things, but I’ll tell you about that later.  First, there is this:

We met a group of British mums and tots at a shopping mall as there is a great climbing and play centre there.  The girls had a great time, although the other children were a bit too young for playmates just yet.  On the way to an emergency toilet break, we found the carousel.  It took all of my persuasion power to get the girls to the toilet before they had a go!  What’s tricky to see in the picture is that it is a 2 level carousel and we had to go on the top:

We went back to the mall today and the girls were just as excited to have another go!  That and the candy floss making machine – $2 and the machine makes the candy floss all on its own for you!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate digestives and carousels are lovely

  1. Love the carousel I hope they don’t expect me to go on that when I come over I have
    never been very good on rides,o.k. with candy floss so I can watch and eat ,

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