So. we’ve been here for over a month (doesn’t seem possible…) and we haven’t done anything very Texan yet.  As I don’t eat meat, some of the restaurants are a waste on me.  The weather has been a bit rubbish too, so that hasn’t helped.  But this weekend is the start of the biggest rodeo in the US (do they have them anywhere else?) and it’s here in Houston, so we couldn’t miss that.

On Friday 3000 cowboys road into town but could I persuade the girls that this was a good thing to see?  No.  So we all went out after dark to see if we could see their campground instead. It was in one of the big parks on our side of Houston and we did drive around the outside but it was all closed off if you weren’t a cowboy.  We didn’t think there was much chance of anyone believing 4 Brits in a VW Golf (that’s the new car, if you’ve been following the money spending saga – arrived on Friday) were cowboys, so we decided to head home and wait for the parade the next morning.

It was cold on Saturday morning (8c – very cold for here) and the girls were not keen to get in the car but soon got into the swing of things once we were there.  The parade was a bit like a bonfire night parade (for those of you from Edenbridge or who I’ve dragged there to see one of the best nights there!) but bigger (this is Texas after all – everything is bigger here!)  There were marching bands, cowboys, the US army, some more cowboys, lots of floats to do with cowboys, some more cowboys, some Mexican cowboys, some more cowboys, some female cowboys, some more cowboys, some old fire trucks, then some more cowboys, cheerleaders and majorettes, some more cowboys – you get the idea!

The girls got given American flags to wave by the US soldiers and they waved in time to the music as if they’d lived here all their lives.

Here are some pics of the rodeo parade:

There are more pics in the rodeo page I’m about to create if you need to see more!

Saturday evening involved a trip to the Katy Rodeo – bucking broncos, calf chasing, BBQs, cows, pigs escaping their pens and all!  We all loved the bucking broncos (although there were a few scary moments such as a cowboy being dragged around the ring with his hand stuck in the harness which I didn’t like…) and the girls can’t wait to see their next rodeo.

We’re reading Charlotte’s Web at the minute and seeing the rodeo and the fairground alongside really helped the girls understand the setting of the book, particularly the bit where Wilbur goes off to the County Fair!

The highlight of Sunday for the girls was definitely talking to their friends and family on Skype.  What would we do without it?  For us, it was getting some clothes shopping done whilst the girls were strapped in the jogging buggy playing with iPhones!  Not sure it’s the height of excellent parenting, but needs must and all that…

Have a good week and go look at the rodeo pics.

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