Rodeo! Part 2

On Thursday afternoon we headed into the Houston rodeo site in the city centre to see the carnival (fair) and all the many stalls and kids activities there.
I’d taken the girls to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in the morning for a great class called Little Critters which involved a personal tour of the museums many frogs, petrified trees and dinosaurs, some art and craft, parachute games and an outside bug hunt (where the most exciting thing we found was actually a huge Bullfrog hiding under a rock!) so the girls were very tired (for those without small children, read that as grumpy!) After an hour of chasing them around the house in various stages of undress and a stern phone call from my lovely husband to them, in a vain attempt to get them ready to leave the house, I stood at the open garage door and told them I was leaving without them. They arrived at the door in nearly the correct items of clothing in less than a minute and we left.
Then they both fell asleep, which was even better.  Peace at last…
Anyway, the rodeo carnival was ace. We saw piglet racing and pot-bellied pig racing (tummies brushing the floor!), a pretend farm, a petting zoo, chicks breaking out of their eggs (which I’d never seen in real life), bees in a hive (and the queen, which is usually tricky to see), cows, a new born lamb, a new born piglet, deer, goats and ponies.
Now, it’s not a proper rodeo if you don’t get to ride a horse so the girls took a pony ride in a contraption that looked like a merry-go-round for real ponies. Round and round they went, quite happily. The ponies looked a tad bored (quite rightly) and I don’t remember seeing anything like it in the UK at all.

After all this activity (mainly it was like a day long science lesson!) it had got dark and we decided to head for home.  But not before the Little One had got us all on the big wheel (or Ferris wheel as they call them here).  After reading about the County Fair in Charlotte’s Web (which we’ve now finished and caused a complete meltdown lasting 2 hours in the Big One when Charlotte the Spider (look away now if you haven’t read the book as there is a plot spoiler coming up) died) the Little One was very keen to find out what a Ferris wheel was.  When she saw it, particularly once all the pretty lights came on at dusk, she was very keen to get on.  The Big One wasn’t so keen (and to be honest, neither was I or my lovely husband) but dutifully my lovely husband went off to buy some tickets.

Whilst we were waiting the Big One took this picture:

which I thought was pretty good.  And here we are, to prove that we did go up even though it was 130ft high and pretty windy…

We even look as though we enjoyed ourselves!

One thought on “Rodeo! Part 2

  1. I have seen ponies like this before as a child went to Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight and they had a similiar thing with ponies or donkeys going around I think bringing water up from a well, good luck with flight perhaps children should have
    valium and you have dinner and wine safe journey to you all Love Mum XX

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