The Enchanted Wood

As a break from reading the girls the dreaded Rainbow Fairy Magic books (we’re on Grace the Glitter Fairy, book 17 out of the 45 we have here – apparently there are more than that but don’t any of you go telling the girls…) I started reading them the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.  What a treat.  I remember reading it when I was little, my Dad says it was one of his favourite books when he was young and the girls absolutely love it too.  So much so that today we are all pretending to be characters from the book (at the girls suggestion) and we are playing out the final chapters about Beth’s birthday party in the Land of Birthdays which we read in bed this morning.  The wonders of not having to get up for school…

At the moment I’m Mother, the Big One is Beth and the Little One is a magic cat (although I’m not sure I remember a magic cat from the story!)   This involves the Little One being all dressed in white (unfortunately the only white top at the moment is a white thermal skiing top and with the temperature due to rise quite high today I’m not sure how long it will last – I can see her becoming a naked cat as soon as she goes outside!)  The Big One is about to write an invitation list to her birthday party and a list of food that was at the birthday banquet so we can go and buy some of it so we can hold a birthday banquet this afternoon!

If anyone has a recipe for Silky’s pop cakes please let me know.  I’m thinking of using popping candy inside them (which I’m sure the girls won’t like but it will make them, and more importantly me, laugh!) and if I can I will try to capture the surprise on their faces when they eat them and post it later.

My only concern is that I might end up as the Old Saucepan Man later when we climb the Faraway Tree (I guess 2 flights of stairs will do for that) and will have to find a way of attaching several saucepans to myself.  I’m certain I won’t get to play Silky the Fairy anyway.

There is one advantage to the Rainbow Fairy books – the Big One can now read them to herself and if I can only get her to slow down when she reads aloud, she’ll be able to read them to the Little One and I won’t have to read them at all!

2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Wood

  1. Serious problems with the renamed Faraway Tree books. Jo, Bessie and Fanny, not Joe, Beth and Frannie. Also, what happened to Dame Slap? And Cousin Dick. No, I am sorry Enid Blyton’s estate. You have not got my support anymore.

    • I bet they’re very unhappy facing the wrath of Patrick… 🙂 Have they changed the Famous Five too? That would upset me more. I remember having a Famous Five club in the shed of the old lady next door (she knew, of course, as her grandchildren were involved too. Didn’t want you think I’d been randomly breaking into old lady’s sheds in my youth!)

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