Well, we had a brief encounter with a baby one when we first got here but today we got far too close to proper big ones.  Yuk.

It was so hot in the garden this afternoon that we got another sun umbrella out of the garage.  We’d not opened it since it got packed away in the UK at the end of last Summer.  Oliver got underneath it to open it as it can be quite stiff.  When it was half way open he jumped out quickly, shouting and brushing his hair.

In the top of the umbrella were 2 very large cockroaches.  We opened the umbrella and bashed the top of it so they would fall out.  One landed on my leg and I shrieked.  The girls wondered what was going on as we try to stay calm around bugs normally, but these are really horrible.  Both bugs eventually scuttled off over the grass but left both us adults shuddering in disgust.  Yuk.

We certainly don’t want those in the house.

My lovely husband accidentally trod on one in the garage the other week – with only his socks on.  Ewww.  The sock went straight in the bin.

Yuk. Yuk Yuk.

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