Visit to Outdoor World and late night swimming

It’s been a lovely day today – very warm, lots of swimming and the girls are now totally confident in the water again.  The Little One is like a fish, swimming underwater with her goggles on and swimming lengths on her back and the Big One is swimming beautiful breast stroke (when she’s not arguing with the Little One over the swimming noodle or goggles!)

Due to said arguments over the limited swimming equipment we had brought from home, a trip to a sports shop was required and that’s where we headed this afternoon.  Not to a sports shop like in the UK though – we went to Outdoor World!  This place is huge and the front of the store should have given me a clue as to what to expect inside: rows of massive motor boats parked in the car park.  Then in the entrance there was a tableau involving stuffed animals (bears, coyotes etc) and I’m not talking about cuddly toys…

The Little One slept for the first 20 minutes whilst we were in the shop, which made pushing the trolley a bit tricky (you try carrying 2.5 stone of fast asleep little girl and pushing a shopping trolley!)  This didn’t worry my lovely husband and the Big One – they were far too busy playing.

Once the Little One woke up there was no stopping her either.  The girls choose a very reasonably priced(!) large boat and decided that it was perfect for them, due to the swivelling leather chairs designed for fishing.  The Little One swivelled so fast she nearly fell overboard.

There was also a huge aquarium tank with one of those half bubbles that make you feel like you’re sitting inside the tank with the fish.

The place was like a full day out within one store.  And you wouldn’t believe that there could possibly be so many different types of fishing rods, guns and children’s games related to killing animals!  I don’t think there is anything like this in the UK, and certainly not all under one roof like a mini theme park.  The girls thought it was amazing.

Due to our extended trip to Outdoor World, we had dinner late when we got home.  The girls had wanted to try out all the new toys we had bought for the pool before we ate but it was late enough already so the swimming was delayed until after we’d eaten.  By then it was dark, the stars were out and it was much more exciting.  Particularly as we discovered that the inflatable ring we’d chosen glowed in the dark!

We’d never swum after dark before and the girls were very excited.  The pool has beautiful lights under the water and it really does look amazing.  We must have spent at least half an hour floating around and playing before it became too cold (relatively speaking, of course…)

My lovely husband had me braving the garage (where the 2 cockroaches came from earlier – yuk!) to get him a wooden paddle that Richard and Emily had got us as wedding presents so he could paddle round the pool in his new inflatable relaxation chair (after he’d finished his wine, obviously he wouldn’t want to spill it!)  Richard – I’ll send you a pic of that separately.

It's a hard life here...

The girls can share when necessary...

As my lovely husband reminded me: we just wouldn’t be able to do this at home.