I’m leaving home…

We had a very disjointed Easter lunch today, mainly due to the Little One deciding she didn’t like rice, chicken, broccoli, water or Heinz tomato ketchup (which, if you know her, you know to be untrue, particularly the bit about the ketchup…)  It normally happens, as today, when I’ve spent a long time preparing a meal – it’s like they know that you’ve put extra effort in and that the easiest way of getting to you is not to eat it.  Very irritating.

Anyway, it didn’t end nicely.  The Little One got sent upstairs as she refused to eat, wouldn’t sit nicely at the table and was finally quite rude.  So up the stairs she stomped with the threat of losing all her Easter eggs ringing in her ears.  She very cheekily (but quite correctly) pointed out that we couldn’t send them to poor children who wouldn’t get Easter eggs, as we’d threatened to do, because they would melt in the envelope – sometimes it is nearly impossible not to laugh when you’re supposed to be very cross!

The Big One then decided that she didn’t want to risk her chocolate so ate up quickly then rushed upstairs to see that the Little One was ok.

My lovely husband and I stood in the kitchen listening to the conversation, which went something like this:

L.O.: I’m leaving home because they’ve taken all my chocolate.

B.O.: What have you got in your basket?

L.O.: Stuff I need.

B.O.: You might need some clothes.

Lovely husband: It’s ok, she’s wearing her favourite dress [the one I have to wash every day to save the strop about why she can’t wear it and to prevent it being removed from the washing basket to be re-worn dirty].

L.O.: I don’t need anything else. I love this dress [Aisling: it’s the white one with spots that used to belong to your girls].

I wander up the stairs to see what’s going on.  Piled up on the very cheap and flimsy Easter basket used for the Easter Egg this morning (a bargain at $1 dollar from HEB) are:

  • 4 large teddy bears
  • a packet of crayons
  • a notebook
  • 1 chocolate wrapper (evidence of chocolate can be seen around the Little One’s face so we obviously weren’t very thorough in our chocolate removal operation…)

Looks like she’s all set.  And at least she won’t starve as she’s had lots of chocolate today!

3 thoughts on “I’m leaving home…

  1. Wonderful. Glad it’s not just mine who refuse to eat lovingly prepared Easter lunch (roast lamb in our case) and only want chocolate. I took the line of least resistance (it is only one day, after all) and let them just eat “sheep” as our joint was lovingly called followed by vast quantities of chocolate. Baffled when they still demanded tea 45 minutes later! Just back from Easter Sunday evening drinks. Hoping for a lie-in tomorrow. xxx

  2. Very sweet Kate! Sounds like she’s got her priorities right! Hope you had a lovely day once she’d settled down…

    Ash xx

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