Easter weekend – Texas style

Well, more British style in truth as we’ve spent most of this afternoon and evening with Brits (and some Americans too) but we have been here in the USA…

Yesterday we wanted to go to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day but unfortunately the rest of Houston decided to go to the zoo too.  After searching in vain for a parking space, we decided to go to the Cockrell Butterfly Center, which is part of Houston Museum of Natural Science.  The girls were not as impressed with the butterflies as they really wanted to go to the zoo, but it was pretty cool.  There were lots of other arthropods to see too (mostly in separate tanks, which was a relief in most cases – tarantulas, ants, large beetles and the largest cockroaches in the world…) but the rainforest conservatory which housed all the live butterflies was truly lovely with a waterfall through the middle of it.

Due to the Houston heat, it also felt cooler in the rainforest conservatory than it did outside, so that’s good to know for when it gets really hot and humid!

A quick trip to buy the girls some shoes (involving a discussion with the shop assistant who didn’t believe that the Little One could have different sized feet… obviously I was proved right on measuring as the left one is slightly bigger – I miss John Lewis shopping!) and then home for more swimming:

More evidence of sharing

Today, Easter Sunday, was very warm.  Luckily the girls woke early and I left them upstairs whilst I hid the eggs in the garden for an Easter Egg hunt.

Eggs hidden in every shady part of the garden!

After finding all the eggs, eating far too much chocolate and opening exciting parcels from Nanny and Auntie Lucie, the girls were covered in chocolate and the only thing to do with them was to throw them in the pool to get clean!

Chocolatey girls

This is where we spent most of the morning and only got out to argue with the Little One about eating lunch and her leaving home (see earlier post…)

More swimming (sorry but it has been a very warm day) was followed by a visit to the playground with some new friends for another Easter Egg hunt and then back to their house (with 3 other families – it was bedlam, but in a nice way) for playing and food.  It seems that people here don’t really cook when they invite people round.  Take away food is so cheap (and nice!) that it’s easier to do that instead.  Much, much easier than spending hours cooking a lunch that your children don’t eat (see earlier post again!)

A lovely afternoon and hopefully some new friends for the girls.  To make it even more exciting, there were 2 Easter baskets left on the door step for the girls when we got back.  An American Easter is very good indeed!

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