It’s windy here…

It doesn’t look that windy – a bit breezy maybe and the trees are certainly moving about in the wild patch behind our garden.

But not windy enough to do this surely:

Either the wind or the raccoons are getting stronger

The heavy metal base the umbrella was in has moved off the patio into the middle of the grass too.  It took all my strength to pull the umbrella out and I very nearly had a comedy moment when it came close to pulling me in, fully clothed.  The umbrella is pretty heavy – when it isn’t wet I can’t lift it into the base safely.

My only other explanation for the umbrella being in the pool is the girls.  They were angelic this morning when we visited their potential new school but things went rapidly downhill this afternoon:

  • painting the patio with actual paint (I turned my back to let the cleaners in – unfortunately the cleaners don’t stretch to doing the patio, so I spent a good 10 minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing the paint off)
  • glass of milk spilt over some (brand new) books and narrowly missing the computer (my fault – no more drinks near the computer…)
  • complete breakdown in the middle of a shop changing room (them, not me, although I was very, very tempted to join in.  Next time maybe I will, just to see their reaction.)
  • the Big One continued the screaming all the way home (it was a long 10 minutes and there is only so much you can drain out with the car stereo before you risk damaging your hearing)
  • the Little One joined in at home as she pinched her finger in a tape measure I told her not to play with and then hit the Big One with a boomerang (that started the Big One off again).

So, if it wasn’t for the fact that I know they can’t get inside the house before me when we’ve been out, I would suspect that they had pushed the umbrella into the pool just to annoy me.

Peace has only just descended following 20 minutes in their bedroom (more for my benefit than theirs so I didn’t have to have the screaming right in my ear) and then the application of the drug that is Disney Junior.  Unfortunately it’s only on in the mornings here and I only have enough recorded for half an hour of quietness.  I wonder how many times they can watch the same programme before they start to complain?

My Disney-induced peace is rapidly running out.  I think I might just put on a few episodes of Octonauts.  15 episodes should be just enough to get me through until my lovely husband comes home and can take over.

Now, where is the chocolate…  Might just pay the children back by eating all their Cadbury Freddos!

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