San Francisco – ice creams and sandcastles

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures as I’m supposed to be participating in a teleconference right now…  (It’s 4am here!)

Yesterday we went to a massive farmers market in the Ferry Building, right on the Bay front.  The food was fantastic and I just wanted to share a picture of the girls eating gelato (Italian ice cream from Ciao Bella Gelato) which was so nice it made the girls giggle!  When I pointed out we could make ice cream at home they were amazed to find out that we could then make any ice cream flavour they liked.  The Big One started planning her own little business, with the Little One as taster-in-chief!  I can feel a purchase of an ice cream maker coming on…

Ice creams so good they make you giggle!

We took a boat trip around the Bay in the morning, and after lunch spent an hour riding the cable cars and street cars.  The drivers on both were far friendlier than public transport workers at home!  All seem to be full of jokes and willing to share local knowledge (unlike the taxi drivers here, who are a pretty miserable bunch in our limited experience…) and the girls are making lots of friends by smiling sweetly.  The Big One in particular is very at home riding the street cars – happy to stand and hang off the poles inside rather than sitting down.  The Little One loved being on the cable car as we were near the front and she found it most exciting waiting to find out what her new view was at the top of every hill (although was most disappointed when it wasn’t always a sea view and sometimes just more hill!)

The cable cars made our journey around the city enjoyable – walking so much for the last couple of days has made the girls very grumpy any time we start walking anyway.  The Little One now dramatically cries “But I can’t walk any further” and sits down on the pavement anytime we start walking anywhere, even if it’s just to the next pier!

We’d missed the Exploratorium (apparently the best science museum in the world) but it’s always good to leave something for next time.  So, instead we headed to the beach.

Afternoons in San Francisco have been sunny, even if the mornings have been cloudy, and today was the same.  It was windy down on the beach and, after a slight enjoyment delay due to lots of dogs on the beach which the girls objected, to we relocated to a smaller beach and the girls got down to enjoying the beach properly.

Sandcastles in the sunshine

It was a beautiful afternoon for sitting on the beach, watching the girls get wet in the sea as it raced up the beach towards them and spotting cargo ships and windsurfers racing across the Bay.  On days like this you could just imagine living here…

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