Guinea pig airlines, or why we can’t have a pet in America

The Little One is pet-obsessed.  We had a tank of fish and a water snail at home (sadly the snail jumped out of the tank and died a couple of weeks back – we have yet to have a full state funeral for it, but I can see it will be necessary when we get back to the UK shortly…) but we obviously couldn’t bring those pets us for our time in the States.

So, the Little One is constantly asking when she can have a pet to which the answer is always the same: we’ll think about it when we move back to England as we can’t bring pets on the plane with us.  The girls and I are heading back a week on Sunday so the Little One has just asked whether we can get a Guinea Pig.  I supplied the same answer as usual to which she came back with the following little speech:

“But we are going back to England and so I can get a Guinea Pig and I will call it Fluffy.  Fluffy will fly back on a Guinea Pig airplane, with Guinea Pig cages, with Guinea Pig televisions, with Guinea Pig films (the Big One added Guinea Pig Superhereos as a potential film to show which went down well) and a Guinea Pig pilot called Poppy (I think after the Princess Poppy books).  Then the Guinea Pig could fly with me to America.”

Obviously she has put some thought into this – she’s only 3!

Through lots of giggles (hers, mine, my lovely husbands and the Little Ones) the Big One offered to help by making a Guinea Pig airplane when we stay with my Mum.  The reasoning being that “Nanny is very good at making things and she’ll have everything we need: pink thread, material to make cushions and card for making Guinea Pig safety cards”.  Mum – I hope you’re ready for this.

Between the two of them I think they’ve thought of everything.  My lovely husband, always keen to check the feasibility of a project, asked whether there are lots of Guinea Pigs waiting to fly to America.  The answer, of course, is yes.  Apparently they are queuing at an airport (Gatpig Airport perhaps?) just waiting for someone to start a Guinea Pig airline.

If they don’t make a million with this idea, I reckon they might with the next.

2 thoughts on “Guinea pig airlines, or why we can’t have a pet in America

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  2. Dear all,
    I am ready and waiting for the making week ahead guinea pig week can’t wait,love
    gatpig airport perhaps that will be come the same as the indian camp,Merstham when ever we drove past with Emma she must have been about little ones age.Love Mum Xx

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