Children and technology

I’m a big fan of technology for children.  Both girls can navigate around the CBeebies website for all the games and clips of their favourite programmes.  They both have accounts with Reading Eggs which is a fun way to practise letters and reading and the Big One has an equivalent account with Maths Whizz which she thinks is playing, not learning.  The Big One can even get to the BBC iPlayer website and find something she wants to watch (with supervision, obviously…)

As you might have seen, we use Skype a lot.  We talk to someone most days, normally family, but sometimes friends and we’ve even used it for playdates with friends of the girls in the UK.  We’ve been using Skype for a long time as my Dad lives in France and it’s great for keeping in touch and we’ve also used it for seeing my lovely husband when he was away a lot when we lived in the UK.  Both girls can see who is online and make video calls to people they know and that’s great for all of us.

However, having technology-savvy children has it’s downsides.  The Big One only had to see me put in my lock code on the iPhone once before she had access to all the games and Skype on there.  The Little One is not far behind…

It had a major downside for my Dad at the beginning of our holiday too.  We were in San Francisco for our first night and the girls wanted to Skype someone.  I’d already said no as no one was online.  The Big One started looking anyway and noticed that she could ring my Dad as he appeared to be online.  There was no answer (it was the middle of the night in France…) but then my Dad called me on my mobile.  He had diverted his calls to his mobile phone and woke up to see it ringing with my number on it in the middle of the night.  Poor chap jumped out of bed and raced downstairs to call me to check we were all okay.

The Big One was delighted as she shouted “Grandad is online and now he’s calling us!”  I didn’t realise why until I spoke to him and he explained that he was very worried to get a call in the middle of the night on his mobile!

Sorry Dad – this probably won’t be the last time you get a middle of the night call from the girls.  But they were truly pleased to speak to you if that’s any consolation!

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