Re-thinking pets…

This week we’ve spent far more time than is healthy scooping out dead things from the pool.

It started off with me diving to the bottom to pick up the leaves that had fallen in and the robot cleaner (or Pool Monster as it’s more commonly known as by the girls) is not picking up.  The Big One told me off because they looked like the huge tadpoles we’d seen at Lake Hume in Sequoia National Forest and ran indoors to find a tadpole tank.  She came back with a plastic box, filled it with swimming pool water and dropped in the dead leaf.

Cue several happy minutes for the girls talking to the tadpole and wondering what it would eat.

Then I started picking out dead beetles and woodlice.  The woodlice are interesting – they crawl to the pool, walk down the wall, get to the water then instead of stopping for a quick drink they just keep walking down under the surface of the water.  Eventually they drown and end up on the bottom of the pool.  When we came back from Crested Butte there must have been more than a hundred in there.  Why do they do that?

Next thing I know both girls have gone off for more plastic tubs, have filled them with water and are collecting all the dead things.  In go dead beetles of all shapes and sizes, woodlice, flies and mosquitoes.  Soon they are feeding them dead leaves (which seems appropriate – why waste live green leaves on dead insects?) and talking to them.

Dead insect tank

Hmm.  This can’t be normal behaviour, can it?

It does improve a bit when I rescue a live butterfly from the pool and we spend 30 minutes watching it dry out – this could almost be classed as educational (and it’s the nearest we get to any school work at the minute…)  We watch the enormous eyes and how the butterfly tries to push the water off itself and are quite proud when it starts trying to fly.

Bedraggled butterfly (or moth?)

Once it flies off, we’re back to talking to the dead things though.  The girls, that is, not me.

I’m beginning to realise that the girls are more serious about a pet than I thought.  I offered some fish but that’s not good enough.  What the Little One wants is a guinea pig (possibly so the girls have a passenger for Guinea Pig Airlines (see here: Guinea Pig Airlines)) and the Big One wants a dog (but only a puppy really, not a large dog and not one that smells, or one with long hair, or one that will make Daddy sneeze).  That’s quite a lot to take into account when choosing a dog.  All suggestions on what that dog could be are gratefully received…!

Anyway, the girls will just have to be happy with their toy animals for the time being.  We can’t have pets until we get back to the UK permanently and we’ve no date for that yet.  I think I might have to dedicate a couple of plastic boxes for the use of dead insects as I’m not sure how much disinfecting will be required after the dead insect soup is disgarded…

3 thoughts on “Re-thinking pets…

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  2. perhaps you could adopt an animal at the zoo that they could visit or a dog at a rescue centre that cant be rehomed, they would get photos and updates about the animal only an idea,when they came to visit they can share millie and o’malley and of cause five rabbits,looking forward to seeing you on monday, love MumXX

    • That’s a good idea – we nearly had tears in the shopping centre this afternoon as the homeless puppies stall wasn’t there and the girls love imagining which puppy they’d take home. See you soon. xxx

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