Fort Worth part 2 and Southfork

On Friday evening we headed to the Cowtown Colliseum for the Stockyards Championship Rodeo.  It happens every Friday and Saturday night and features some fantastic sights.  That night’s performance had bull riding, calf roping, mutton busting (children run around the arena after a sheep trying to get a ribbon that has been attached to it – remarkably funny stuff including the inevitable child falling in horse/cow manure!) and a dance competition which lead to a proposal of marriage in the middle of the arena.  (I don’t think that last part is in the show every week!)

Cowboy riding a bull

If you’ve not been to a rodeo, then I need to tell you that they are loud.  Audience participation is compulsory, so there is lots of cheering, clapping and whooping, as well as loud music playing constantly.  Despite this, the Little One crawled up onto my lap and whispered in my ear after 20 minutes “I’m going to sleep now”!  I offered to take her back to the hotel so she could go to sleep properly but she answered “I’ll just have a small doze here”.  In all this noise?  With the flashing lights too?  Really?

Well, yes, actually.  She was asleep approximately 2 minutes later and slept through the remaining hour of the rodeo, leaving the arena, walking past the live music stage outside, being undressed and put in to bed.  She definitely gets her sleeping abilities from her father…  I think the cowgirl training had been very tiring.

We were up early the next morning to drive North of Dallas to Southfork.

For those not old enough to remember early 80s television, or didn’t have a TV then, there was a very popular programme called Dallas involving the Ewing family, their business and a lot of naughtiness on many levels.  It was a very addictive programme at the time and my mother in law was very interested in seeing the ranch where the Ewing family supposedly lived, Southfork.

The mansion itself is not that much bigger than our house back in England and this was a real surprise as I remember the house being a large mansion in the TV series.  Apparently there was a lot of camera trickery to make both the house and the swimming pool seem enormous.  The inside of the house was not used in the show but has since been decorated closely copying the TV sets that were used at the time.

A new series of Dallas will hit the screens here in the US this Autumn so it will be interesting for us to see how the house looks on TV now.

We have a very quick drive through Dallas past the place were JFK was shot and then it’s time to head back to Houston.  I’m sure we’ll be back to visit Dallas (the city not the TV programme!) soon.

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