Pest problems

We’ve had a week dominated by pests.  It started with me getting bitten nearly every day for a week by mosquitoes.  We search the bedrooms for them before bed and kill any that are hanging around in the house but still they get me.  We have all the doors shut unless we’re going in or out, so they only have a short time to get in.  But get in they do.

Last night I discovered how they do it.  Coming in through the front door I noticed four of them on the door surround.  It was if they were just waiting for us (or me…) to return home.  I have four new bites this morning to prove it.  How did they all get me at the same time?!  Well, I will get them.  With nasty insect spray next time I see them.  Normally I’m pretty happy to let these things live but you should see the size of the bites.  They itch for days and if you even dare to itch them at all, the bites continue to itch for a fortnight.  Grrrrrr!  If only I could remember to put on the bug spray before going out…

The second pests were two cockroaches that invaded the kitchen.  We’ve not seen any in the house before – in the garage occasionally, or hiding out in folded sun shades (yuck!) but not big ones inside.  The first one I bravely managed to trap – the old glass and paper trick (or actually a glass and some plastic in this case) worked a treat.  The second one scuttled across the kitchen floor a couple of hours later and it got chased around the kitchen but was too fast to trap.  It disappeared under a minute gap under the kitchen base boards – the thing was at least 4cm long (if you don’t include the antennae which make it double that) and quite fat.  Apparently that’s a special skill of theirs, disappearing into unbelievably small cracks, along with being the fastest moving insect, which I can well believe.

The final pest was a wasp nest in the air conditioning vent in the kitchen, which I only noticed when I was idly chatting to my lovely husband while he was washing up.  The wasp spray was found from the cupboard and my lovely husband climbed up and gave it a squirt.  Luckily it was an old nest so nothing came out.  Not so lucky was the dripping of the nasty spray onto my lovely husband’s head!  On reading the label (which really we should have done before we started spraying it liberally around…) it turned out that it was pretty nasty stuff and if any got on your skin it would require washing for at least 20 minutes.

Half an hour later, my lovely husband emerged from the shower with not a mark on him, thank goodness.  It must be his lovely thick hair protecting his scalp!

We will definitely be taking more care with nasty sprays in the future.  Instead, I’ve purchased one of those electrocuting tennis raquets for dealing with the bugs. Less lethal to us and more fun for my lovely husband.  Everyone is happy!

2 thoughts on “Pest problems

  1. I once sprayed that stuff in Darren’s ear!!!! He was not best pleased but survived to tell the tale – in my defense it was dark outside but I can’t now remember for the life of me how I managed to get my aim so terribly wrong! Don”t like the sound of your cockroaches, Keep Calm and Catch Them All!………C

    • Luckily I haven’t seen any more cockroaches but they move so fast that it might just be they are getting out of my way quicker! Hope not…
      We had cause to use the wasp spray again, outside this time. The can claims the it can spray 27ft – pretty laughable when it couldn’t reach a wasp half a metre away from us… x

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