Sophie’s Adventures

Another post in the occasional series Books We Are Reading.  Or in this case, Books We Have Read as we finished it a few weeks ago but I got side-tracked by the cowboy trip to Fort Worth.

Sophie’s Adventures (Dick King-Smith) is a lovely tale about a little girl, Sophie, who is a very determined young lady who loves animals.  The animals come in all shapes and sizes as she wants to be a farmer when she grows up  but as she’s only four she has to start with herding insects.  She starts keeping snails and woodlice in the garden shed.  We don’t have a garden shed, luckily, and we haven’t found any snails here yet but there are plenty of woodlice (mainly dead in the bottom of the pool though!)  Sophie soon moves on to cats – she adopts a pregnant cat, much to her parents distaste, and dreams of being a cat breeder.  She ends up with a dog for a Christmas present too.  (I expect the book was written before the Dogs Aren’t Just for Christmas campaign…)

The girls loved the book so much it inspired the keeping of the dead insects we collected from the pool the other week (see: Re-thinking pets).  It has also upped the “I want a pet” campaign from the Little One, whose determination reminds me very much of Sophie, although the Little One is a lot sunnier in her nature.

It’s a great book for any small child interested in animals and also covers important issues such as starting school, falling out with your first friends and getting your own way with your parents (even at the tender age of 5!)  It’s also a lovely read for grown ups too, with lots of humour for both young and old.

2 thoughts on “Sophie’s Adventures

  1. This has also revealed the different negotiation sophistication between a 3 and a 5 year old.

    3 YO – Daddy? can we have a Guinea Pig/Pony/Rabbit/Kitten*?

    Me – No my love. Maybe in a couple of years (not really meaning it, not keen on pets at all in fact).

    5 YO – Daddy? Can we buy a farm?

    Me (sucker thinking tractors, field sports and LAND) Yes, yes, what a good idea.

    5 YO – Good – then we can get any animal we like!

    Me – Dammit.

    *delete as applicable

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