Swimming superstars

We’ve joined the posh golf club across the road from where we live (but still inside the park/compound – I’m not sure what to call it!) It’s lovely and more on that in another post.
There are 3 pools and the Big One had to do a swim test before she was allowed to swim in the adults lap pool last weekend – a 25 metre swim and treading water for 1 minute. She completed this really easily.
Yesterday when we were there for the Memorial Day celebrations, the Big One noticed that some children had black bands on – she’d been given a green one. We went to investigate and found out that the black bands were given to children who are allowed to swim in any of the 3 pools without a grown up in the pool with them. The Big One was very keen to get one of these, even though I pointed out that either me or my lovely husband would be in the pool with her every time. I’ve no idea when I’ll be happy to let either of the girls swim on their own, despite them being excellent swimmers.  The answer is definitely not at 5 though!
The Little One wanted to gain her green band – she’d had a go last weekend but didn’t concentrate long enough to swim the whole length. I don’t think she trusted me to tell her when she’d got to the far end as she was swimming on her back and she kept turning over to see if she was there yet!
The Big One swam the required 50 metres with no trouble at all.  The Little One swam 25 metres easily and then turned round to do another 25 metres – she wasn’t going to be stuck with a green band when the Big One was going to get a new black one!
The girls both had to tread water or float on their backs for 2 minutes to complete their test. The Big One executed the most perfect back float I had ever seen – not one drop of water splashed her face and she didn’t move at all for the entire time. She was delighted to pass the test for her black band.
The Little One managed 1 minute treading water, which was required for the green band but wanted to try for 2 minutes so she could get a black band too.

One thing you have to know about the Little One is that being still is not a strong point. She’s only 3, so it isn’t surprising, but she’s a right wriggle pot!  For the treading water test she had spent the first 30 seconds spinning in the water like a top, before declaring herself dizzy and continuing for the remaining 30 seconds with a more standard approach to treading water.  For the two minute test she decided to float on her back.  Whilst the Big One was practising the perfectly still back float, the Little One swam off on her back at top speed making it half way down the pool before I could get to her and turn her round.  Needless to say, she didn’t get her black band – we need to put in a bit of practice with the floating in one place!  She was pleased with her green band though and is quite determined to get the black one very soon.  And I’m sure she will – nothing much gets in her way once she’s decided to do something.

A big thank you to Trish at Swimkidz for the fantastic lessons the girls had before we moved out here.  They’re little fish now!

2 thoughts on “Swimming superstars

  1. This is brilliant Kate. Fingers crossed Grace’s swimming skills will annoy Rose into trying a bit harder when we come out to visit!

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