Memorial Day, country club style

Memorial Day in the US was on Monday and it was a public holiday for most people.  It’s the equivalent of the UK’s Remembrance Day in November, where we remember the fallen.

We went to the club (I still haven’t written properly about joining the club yet but this is the one: Royal Oaks Country Club) for most of the day as they had a pool party for families.  There was a kids disco, with competitions for the children – think hula-hooping, flip flop flinging and bouncing games (which the Little One was delighted to win), as well as some very grown up dancing from small children (along the lines of 1980s music videos involving scantily clad models in wet swimwear dancing provocatively, then replace the grown up girls with 6 year olds and you have an idea…)

There were a couple of inflatibles for the children too – one was a water slide that looked great fun.  My lovely husband had to try it out, obviously in the name of a health and safety check (he’s so very responsible!)

The children also had some cookie decorating (the icing was the most extraordinary colours) and swimming or floating around in the family pool.

We all had a great time, particularly as there was lots of food to eat too.

There wasn’t any mention of the dead we were supposed to be remembering, although I may have missed it as we didn’t get there right at the start.  My Lovely Husband pointed out that you do really need the pathetic fallacy (I’m very pleased to remember that A Level English term!) of cold and rain to create the right feel for remembrance day.  I expect he’s right – he usually is (but don’t tell him!)

The day ended with an early hangover though.  I’m getting more rubbish at afternoon drinking – I was never much good.  My hangover sets in after a couple of hours, particularly in the hot sun here.  My lovely husband says I need more practise but I think it might be age… This could be a problem as we’re off to a pool party this afternoon.  But perhaps the extra practise is just what I need!

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