Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Houston

I’m sitting here watching the Thames Pageant on BBC America.  It looks amazing, although a little cold!  We’ve been wishing we were home all week so we could be part of the celebrations and see all the decorations.  We have been watching the programmes on the Queen that have been on the television this week and it’s made us feel very patriotic.  It’s also made me a bit tearful (my Lovely Husband will tell you that it doesn’t take much these days to do that – having children can do that to you, although I was pretty wet before the girls!) and a tiny bit homesick.

Jubilee biscuits

This morning we’ve made bunting biscuits and have been decorating the house with the flags and bunting that my Mum sent last week.

We went to a Jubilee party yesterday and although it wasn’t a traditional street party (being Houston it was based around a pool and it needed to be as it was pretty hot standing outside for 3 hours) but we all got dressed up as you can see:

We’d visited the British shop in Rice village before the party to combat the homesickness we’re all feeling at the minute and stocked up on lots of British chocolate and treats, as well as my new Union Jack scarf and my Lovely Husband’s bowler hat with a Union Jack on top.

Our plans for the rest of the day include making a victoria sponge cake as Katie sent us some Royal family cake toppers (picture to follow later) as well as the red, white and blue face paints, paper plates and paper chains which are hung around the house.

Hope everyone at home is having a great Jubilee weekend.  Do send us some pictures of what you’ve been up to as the girls would love to see them.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Houston

  1. You all look great……the celebrations made us all feel very patriotic too which sort of caught me by surprise. Everything is red, white and blue here this weekend and we are very proud to be British, cue lots of flag waving (or may be that is flag fights) from our little ones. Indulged in typical English bank holiday past time, visiting local stately home and watched Wallace and Gromit on a large screen on the lawn whilst sharing a picnic…in the cold….and the rain…not that it dampened the little ones enthusiam – I mean, watching a film whilst eating and being outside was almost too much for them to take without bursting from excitment. Keep posting, we are all enjoying your reports and photos from across the pond.

  2. You all look great in your jubilee gear and you look very fortys with your scarf in your hair , I have just watched the HMS Belfast which my eldest Ron brother served on in the Korean war and when He did a trip to London he showed me all over it the stairs between decks are just straight down I did have great differculty I remember, Mum

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