I hear thunder, I hear thunder…

…Hark don’t you?  Hark don’t you?  Well, apparently not.

Before we moved here, the Big One did not like thunder.  She wasn’t exactly screaming and hiding under tables (I remember one boy at school doing this until he was at least 13…) but it did make her put her thumb in her mouth and come and sit close to an adult.  The Big One has enormous eyes normally but when scared they reach true cartoon baby proportions – this is how she used to look during a thunderstorm.

There has been very loud thunder, some pretty impressive lightning and lots of rain for the past hour.  The power keeps flicking off for a second or so at a time too.  The same thing happened this morning.  Neither of the girls have noticed at all.  The Big One hasn’t even flinched!  She is reading a really good book at the moment and is a bit like me in that she can get lost in a book for an hour or more (normally at bedtime, admittedly – her, not me that is – I can barely keep my eyes open for 2 minutes once in bed…) but I still expected more of a (or indeed any!) reaction.

This is good news indeed.  If the weather does get scary (and it can get very scary here on occasion – hail big enough to crack your windscreen, for example) we will be able to hide in the dressing room (it has no windows…  the choice is either that or the downstairs toilet which is very small and uncomfortable) and I will be able to distract her and hopefully the Little One too, with a good book.  Or a very large pile of good books.  Luckily I have lots of those here.  All I need to do now is to ensure a very good supply of candles…


2 thoughts on “I hear thunder, I hear thunder…

  1. It is such a fantastic feeling when they move on from one of their fears………Rose (being more than 50cm from the nearest part of my body) and Henry (running taps, spillages and overflowing containers). I am going to get a tattoo with some pithy and concise saying to remind me not to worry too much about their worries because it only makes them worry more.

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