The Magic Treehouse

As you may recall, I find some of the Rainbow Magic Fairy books slightly repetitive so I’ve been on the look out for another series with fairly short books that the Big One can read by herself. Finally I think I’ve found something in the Magic Treehouse series written by Mary Pope Osborne.

Two children, Jack and his little sister Annie, discover a magic treehouse filled with books. When they choose a book and wish to visit a place they see in the pictures, they are instantly transported away to the place in the picture to have an adventure. So far, the Big One has read 3 of the books – a book a night, it’s going to be expensive! – one about dinosaurs, the second about knights and the third about ancient Egypt and mummies. How fantastic to be getting a little bit of education on these topics whilst reading an adventure story. The Big One is hooked! And so is the Little One when the Big One agrees to read some of the books to her.

And it makes a very nice change from pink, fluffy, fairy girliness too!

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