The teepee becomes a bird hide!

My Mum bought a bird feeder for the girls to hang in the trees so we can encourage some of the beautiful birds into our garden.  Mum and the girls put the bird seed in yesterday and the girls spent the first 5 minutes standing by the window waiting for some birds to come.  We had to warn them that it might take a few days for the birds to find the bird feeder but this morning, a beautiful cardinal landed on the bird feeder.

He spent a few minutes assessing the feeder and then started eating.  The girls were very excited and jumping up and down, so we suggested they go in the teepee which was set up by the window.  There is a small window in the teepee which the girls can use for looking at the birds without scaring them – perfect!

The Big One has been reading the Birds of Texas book that Mum also bought for the girls, so she can work out which birds come to the garden and the Little One has been making great use of the children’s binoculars.

And all this nature watching before breakfast!

6 thoughts on “The teepee becomes a bird hide!

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  3. I love the tee-pee – can your Mum make them to order??? And it looks like it makes a brilliant bird hide. Have a good trip back to the UK and I’m sure the girls will miss you but be fine too (think of it as teaching them how to cope without you!). love to all Catherine x

    • I don’t think Mum wants to make anymore – it took a long time! And she had made one previously for Lucie’s girls! It is brilliant thought and the girls love it very much.
      The girls are doing well – it’s me that’s wobbly!
      Talk soon. x

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