A hard day but also a reward

Leaving the girls was very hard on Sunday, even though I had my Mum with me to get me through.

I won’t give you all the details as it will only upset me as I type(!) but the Big One was upset even before we left for the airport and the upset was even worse once we were there.  The Little One didn’t seem too fussed about me leaving her for three days.  She was far more upset by the noise the Big One was making!  (My Lovely Husband assures me that she has been missing me…a bit!)

Saying goodbye was horrible and it took all I had to make it into the airport without crying myself.  I knew they would be fine with my Lovely Husband as they love their Daddy very much and  always have lots of fun and cuddles with him.

Me, on the other hand…  How was I going to do without them all?  I had never been away from the Little One overnight before and only been away from the Big One when the Little One was seriously ill in hospital for a week at 6 weeks old.

We got to the check-in desk and I was just remembering that my Lovely Husband had told me not to let them change our seats as he’d managed to get us sitting together.  The lady at the check in desk obviously took pity on me.  (She had probably heard the Big One crying outside where my Lovely Husband was still consoling her).  Both Mum and I were upgraded to Business Class!  Obviously I ignored my Lovely Husband’s advice and accepted.

Hurrah!  I could have done a little dance around the airport.  Getting some sleep on a flat bed in BA Business Class was going to make all the difference to my whirlwind trip – 20 hours of flying in 65 hours, plus a whole day of meetings to fit in too…  And Mum had never flown in Business Class either, so that was a real treat for both of us.

When I called my Lovely Husband to tell him, both girls were able to talk to me more normally without so much sobbing, so that made me feel less like the worst Mummy in the world.

If only the flight hadn’t been delayed by 1 hour (once we were on board – there was 1 too many bags in the hold but the computer systems couldn’t agree so they had to take every bag off and tally them on a paper list….) it would have been a perfect flight: champagne, nice food (Mum fell asleep before her main came and I didn’t eat much of mine as I was so tired, which was a shame as it had been cooked specially for me by the First class chef!), comfortable beds and 5 hours sleep.  Thank you British Airways – I can honestly say you are my favourite airline (although I would have said that before you upgraded me if you’d asked!)

We landed at Heathrow, and whilst not exactly refreshed after an overnight flight, we felt far better than we would have done if we’d been in World Traveller Plus.

Now, just 2 days without my Lovely Husband and beautiful girls to get through…  Will I make it?

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