I love my Mum…

…because she’s great!

One the last day of Mum’s holiday with us in Houston, she was an absolute star.  Mum cooked a roast dinner for us all, helped clean the house from top to bottom, changed the bedding, entertained the girls so my Lovely Husband and I could do some work and did the last few bits of ironing.

It’s been so lovely having all that time with my Mum – nearly 2 weeks, including the time back in England with her too (although for much of that I was either working or sorting out stuff at our house here).  All that on top of babysitting the girls a few times, sharing her hotel room with them so my Lovely Husband and I could explore San Antonio after dark on two evenings, generally helping with everything that needed doing, as well as getting the teepee sorted out and numerous other things.

We love you Mum.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “I love my Mum…

  1. sounds like you had a wonderful home coming surprise and you had a wonderful holiday so pleased for you we also had a nice time with you and loved seeing you .take good care love John and Rosita xxxxxxxxx

  2. Dear Girls,Boys and Granchildren,
    What a surprise after a wonderful holiday in America and Canada to come back home tired and jet lagged to find that while I had been away my living room had been transformed with new curtains,cushions painting,coving wallpaper and lighting what a shock I got,It looks great thank you all very much,it was a belated birthday present,back to normal of to look after Freya, save journey to Kate and have a great
    Americian independance day party if your not to jet lagged Love Mum XX

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