Late bedtimes = perfect planning

We all survived my trip back to the UK.  Of course, you say!

I managed 3 nights away from my Lovely Husband and the girls and, more importantly, they survived without me.  I can’t say I enjoyed being away from them but it did make the travelling and working a lot easier.  This is why sane people don’t take their children on business trips!  Obviously I will avoid leaving them again if I can but it is good to know that we can do it if we have to.

The girls had a fab time with my Lovely Husband.  They had late nights and lots of swimming, so they were very happy.

And the late nights are a good thing as we’re off to Vancouver tomorrow (via Dallas tonight) for 2 weeks and the time difference is 2 hours.  So the late nights in Houston (9.30pm) turn into normal bedtime (7.30pm) on Vancouver Island.  What perfect planning by my Lovely Husband.  He is a star and obviously remembered the 6 Ps of planning (Proper Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance)!

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