The spider that flew to Vancouver

Do you remember the Wolf spider we found with a seething mass of babies attached to it’s back?  (See: More wildlife in our garden)   Yes?  It was not nice at all.
Well, imagine my surprise (and, let’s be frank, utter horror) when I opened my suitcase yesterday to find a large web complete with a large Wolf spider sitting on top of my clothes. My first instinct was to scream and run but with 2 small children in front of me that wasn’t an option – Mummies can face all evils calmly.
Instead I did what any sensible girl would do – I delegated. I told my Lovely Husband that the suitcase had to be taken outside, and NOW! He was a bit baffled but on opening the case he completely understood. Even he thought the spider was a bit big to keep in a suitcase.
Blinkin’ thing had travelled all the way from Houston with us in my Lovely Husband’s suit carrier which he’d put in my case the day before.
The local wildlife here is much friendlier – no mosquitos, no large biting ants, poisonous snakes, rabies infected mammals or huge spiders.  Thank goodness. It’s nice to relax.

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