Adventuring on our island

The island opposite cabin 3 at Crystal Cove is magical.  There are a couple of paths up onto it but they are hidden from view and require some careful climbing to get up there.  Once on the island you are in a different world – a but like I imagine Hobbiton to be, all twisty tree roots creating tree caves, hollows, paths and tunnels.  Not much sunlight gets through to the forest floor, which is bouncy due to all the dead stuff which has just rotted in place over thousands of years.

It’s the only island that has not ever been logged and no human hand has maintained it or shaped it at all.

We went for an explore last night whilst waiting for the sun to set.  As the tide was high we had to find a different way on to the island and this lead us on paths we’d not been to and outlooks we’d not seen before.

This one for example, looking out over the islands towards MacKenzie beach.

Some of the paths were a bit scary with drops straight down on to the rocks below, which the waves were pounding against.  Hanging onto the children whilst climbing around the edge of the island on hardly-there paths was a bit hair-raising at times!  But that didn’t bother the girls as they bounced around and climbed over everything possible!

There was even a tree house (different from the one we found the other evening) in the process of being built by some locals (although we’ve not seen anyone else on the island at all whilst we’ve been here).

It is an amazing place.  You could probably spend several weeks exploring, having fires and generally hiding in wait for people here and not get bored.  It’s a good job we brought the children with us as we wouldn’t have the excuse to explore so much without them!

Above is MacKenzie beach which is a 30 second walk from cabin 3, along our little bit of beach.  It is beautiful.  We’ve seen a few sunsets here now and they’ve all been different, yet spell-binding.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking – words are not needed at all…

These are just the pictures from last night.  It doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

3 thoughts on “Adventuring on our island

  1. What a wonderful place a bit like famous five,girls must be having a wonderful time,
    can’t wait for the next adventure,love Mum

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