Armadillos and Mummies or Compliments I have received part 2

Do you remember the ad for Dime/Daim bars in the 1980s?  It featured Harry Enfield and went something along the lines of “Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside: Armadillos!”  Well my Lovely Husband has a habit of saying this to make the girls laugh.  Probably because last year when he was travelling between Dallas and Louisiana for work he drove past a lot of dead ones beside the road.

This week the girls have adapted it to: “Lovely on the inside, Lovely on the outside: Mummy!”  This made me feel very happy and is a little better than how my Lovely Husband fared with: “Funny on the outside, Lovely on the inside: Daddy!”  I think they mean that he is funny to be with not actually funny to look at, but you never can tell with children…

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