Vancouver to Houston – a 33 hour journey

33 hours was much longer than we expected. The flight is only 4 hours after all…

But then we hadn’t counted on some massive storms hitting Dallas half an hour before we were due to land there.  No planes were allowed to land in Dallas (they had a nasty crash there in 1985 when a plane tried to land in a storm and 137 people died as a result) and as the plane we were on didn’t have much fuel left (always a worrying announcement…) we landed at Oklahoma City airport instead.

It was 108f in Oklahoma City and we were very lucky to be in a new plane as it meant we kept relatively cool. The passengers on the older plane next door didn’t look quite so happy…  The girls and I stuck our heads out of the door to see what Oklahoma was like and the answer was: too hot!

My Lovely Husband spent the first hour we sat there trying to book a hire car so we could drive if we needed to – it’s only 200 miles to Houston from there – but no luck so we sat and waited.

The girls behaved perfectly (much better than some of the grown ups on the plane!) and as a result we were very well looked after (or it might have been because the air stewards thought my Lovely Husband was a platinum American Airlines executive club card holder – he isn’t!)  The chocolate chip cookies were very nice!

It wasn’t long before we took off again and then landed in Dallas but the delay meant that it was too late to drive to Houston that night, so we found a hotel and stayed there.  We were all very tired as we didn’t get to sleep until midnight.

We finally got home on Saturday afternoon after driving the 4 hours back to Houston – very tired but mainly feeling very relaxed after a fantastic holiday.

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