Snow cones

I remember reading about snow cones in American books as a child and wondering what they were.  Now we’ve been here a while we know: a bit like a 1980s Slush Puppy – horrible colourings and flavourings included!  The added benefit here is that in some places the snow cones have been made sugar free by the liberal use of horrible tasting sweeteners.  You can get them from snow cone vans (a bit like ice cream vans in the UK) and they are on sale nearly everywhere you go.

The girls love the idea of them but not the taste.  So when I saw this on sale:


I had to get one.

It’s not a very complicated piece of kit – basically it shaves bits of ice and is very noisy – but it is bringing lots of excitement to our house (nearly as much as the women’s Olympic beach volleyball currently being shown on NBC and watched by my Lovely Husband!)  The girls and their friends are very happy to have orange juice and cranberry and raspberry juice snow cones.  The grown ups are more excited by the prospect of gin and pink grapefruit snow cones (not to be knocked if you haven’t tried them!)

Everyone is happy – perfect!

2 thoughts on “Snow cones

  1. Ah yes, snow cones. The lurid blue that beckoned to you, tasted awful and ran down your arm, staining everything it touched. Cranberry juice flavoured sounds much much nicer- or maybe black cherry?

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