Can cockroaches teleport?

We’ve not seen any cockroaches for a couple of weeks apart from 2 dead ones we found when we got back from holiday – probably starved to death, poor things!

Yesterday I found a tiny one – might not even have been a cockroach, so I’m not sure we should count that.

This morning, however, I found a very large live one in the dishwasher.

The closed dishwasher that had finished a hot wash in the middle of the night.

Now, how did it get in? The dishwasher doesn’t leak, as far as I know, so it must be pretty well sealed. Where do these creatures come from? Up the drain pipe maybe? Should I be calling them all incy wincy like the spider?!

More importantly, how was I going to get it out?

With the heating element in the bottom it was impossible to trap it under a cup and even if I did, what would I do with it then? There was no room to put some card underneath to trap it and take it outside. I did try but then it just hid underneath the spinning arm so I couldn’t reach it. Hmm.  You can’t really use the very poisonous cockroach exterminating spray in the dishwasher can you?

So I emptied the dishwasher of the clean things and put the dirty breakfast plates in and put it on a hot wash!

I did feel a bit guilty. But there was no need. When I opened the dishwasher at the end of its cycle there was no sign of the cockroach at all. Not a dead one, boiled-alive one hiding anywhere.

I guess they can teleport…

4 thoughts on “Can cockroaches teleport?

  1. I’m afraid of cockroaches. It’s just happened today, minutes ago. I’m working on my computer when I saw a cockroach and grabbed the spray. It’s about to fly (thank God it didn’t fly) and is running around, so I grabbed a broom and hit the cockroach with it but then it’s still moving and I’m so terrified. So I decided to washed it away using the broom out to the door but then while washing it away, it I accidentally brush it at the back of the door. When I look at it, it’s there and I brushed it off but it flipped and is walking again so I decided to hit it again with the broom a multiple times later on, when I lift the broom up, it’s gone! After that I searched if they’re teleporting…

  2. I live in New York City and as you can imagine in a fairly dirty place, the cockroach will make its appearance. These very nimble creatures will find the tinniest of holes and crevices to squeeze into. There have been times when I’ve seen one on my wall then I turn my head to grab a tissue or spray and its completely gone, out of sight… 0.0 WEIRD

  3. I once opened our dishwasher just after it finished a hot wash to find a rather damp ginger mouse sitting in the top rack. You know how fond I am of mice, so I just closed the door and went to bed, leaving a note for my best beloved to sort it out when he got home. How did it get in? Why didn’t it drown/ die of shock when the hot water hit? Fortunately it has not happened again, otherwise I might have to move house! XXX

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