Can cockroaches teleport?

We’ve not seen any cockroaches for a couple of weeks apart from 2 dead ones we found when we got back from holiday – probably starved to death, poor things!

Yesterday I found a tiny one – might not even have been a cockroach, so I’m not sure we should count that.

This morning, however, I found a very large live one in the dishwasher.

The closed dishwasher that had finished a hot wash in the middle of the night.

Now, how did it get in? The dishwasher doesn’t leak, as far as I know, so it must be pretty well sealed. Where do these creatures come from? Up the drain pipe maybe? Should I be calling them all incy wincy like the spider?!

More importantly, how was I going to get it out?

With the heating element in the bottom it was impossible to trap it under a cup and even if I did, what would I do with it then? There was no room to put some card underneath to trap it and take it outside. I did try but then it just hid underneath the spinning arm so I couldn’t reach it. Hmm.  You can’t really use the very poisonous cockroach exterminating spray in the dishwasher can you?

So I emptied the dishwasher of the clean things and put the dirty breakfast plates in and put it on a hot wash!

I did feel a bit guilty. But there was no need. When I opened the dishwasher at the end of its cycle there was no sign of the cockroach at all. Not a dead one, boiled-alive one hiding anywhere.

I guess they can teleport…

2 thoughts on “Can cockroaches teleport?

  1. I once opened our dishwasher just after it finished a hot wash to find a rather damp ginger mouse sitting in the top rack. You know how fond I am of mice, so I just closed the door and went to bed, leaving a note for my best beloved to sort it out when he got home. How did it get in? Why didn’t it drown/ die of shock when the hot water hit? Fortunately it has not happened again, otherwise I might have to move house! XXX

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