The little entrepreneur

Just a quick story or I’ll have over-blogged today!  I try to capture things like this as soon as they happen or else they get lost in the fog of my sleep-deprived memory…

The girls are playing with the Happy Land people (the feature of many a happy afternoons entertainment) with the addition of a Hello Kitty mobile food van, complete with Hello Kitty food chef, semi-working till (cash register) and what remains of some very small pieces of fast food (the rest having disappeared up the vacuum cleaner…) from the menu (delightful looking hot dogs, burgers and milkshakes).  They are also offering pizza, provided courtesy of the Go Go Hamster pizza delivery outfit, complete with hamster chef and delivery driver!

The customers are made up of some bears that primary schools use for counting (primary colours and 3 sizes – perfect for the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears).  But it turns out that the bears (played by the Little One) are very picky eaters.  One of them has just ordered a ham sandwich, which is definitely not something either Hello Kitty or the Go Go Hamster pizza chef have on their menu.  Hello Kitty (as played by the Big One) is unimpressed with the order but tells the customer that she could make a sandwich but it might cost a bit more.

The bear is happy with this as he has some money, apparently.  Although I see no evidence of pockets, wallets or a man-bag!

Hello Kitty tells him the price.  It’s £100!  The bear says ok.  (We’re working on the Little One’s understanding of money – small and shiny is good and paper ones are bad in her view!  The Big One, who does understand money, is yet to turn this to her advantage as she’s too honest but give her time…)  I comment that this is a bit expensive and that even in Waitrose in England you wouldn’t pay over £3 for a ham sandwich.

The Big One quite rightly points out that the bear had agreed to pay.  “If the bear is happy to pay £100 then he should!”

She’s quite right of course – that’s why the girls will obviously make far more money than I have so far.  Perhaps I need to employ them as business consultants but I’m not sure I can afford their fee structure!

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