Perhaps I need to wear more clothes, or more compliments I have received…


Last night I was giving the Big One a cuddle before she went to sleep.  I’d taken some of my clothes off as, one, it was hot and, two, we’d been out to dinner and despite the girls sitting on my lap to eat chocolate fudge cake, my white trousers were still clean.  (I was trying to get a second wear out of them without having to iron them again as it’s too hot for ironing, or that’s my excuse anyway!)

The Big One turned to give me a hug and whispered in my ear “I love you even when you’re naked!”

I wasn’t naked at the time but this sounded a bit like a back-handed compliment to me…

When I walked out of our bedroom 5 minutes later and nearly bumped into my husband, who blurted out “You scared the living daylights out of me!” this just confirmed my worst fears.  It must be time to start wearing more clothes around the house!


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