Cookie cakes


It’s the Big One’s birthday at the beginning of September and she’ll be in  school on the actual day. This means I need to navigate American birthday traditions.

At home in the UK, the girls have taken small packets of Cadburys chocolate buttons in to school for each of their classmates.  Here they need to take in a cookie cake big enough for their class (25 or so children…)

This sounds fine.  First I had to work out what a cookie cake is but luckily the Internet is a very useful information source, even if our Internet speed seems to have dropped to levels last seen in 2000!  (Good job we’re not paying a fortune for it.  Oh no, actually we are…)  It seems that a cookie cake is one of those things you can buy from Millie’s Cookies in the UK – a huge cookie that would make you sick if you ate the whole thing.

Both girls have tried these cookie cakes at school birthdays already and haven’t liked them.  They normally come covered in lots and lots of brightly coloured icing (the Little One’s eczema on her face is back with a vengeance having been back in school since only Tuesday but having consumed many unnaturally coloured foods already in that short time!)  The cheapest one I could find from a bakery was $39 (I can almost hear my Lovely Husband saying “How much?!” from Vancouver where he is for work right now!), although I’m sure Walmart might do a cheaper one…  But I’ve looked at the ingredient lists on foods from Walmart and they’re a bit scary!

So, I decided the only thing to do was to have a go at making one instead.  Luckily recipes are easy to come by and it was incredibly easy to make.  The Little One helped me after I collected her from a morning in school today.  It took ages to cook (but then it was in a 12″ pizza pan, so much larger than a normal cookie!)

And here it is (or, more accurately here is what is left after the girls and I ate lots):

Huge chocolate chip cookie!

There is nothing that we don’t like about it.  It tastes like the delicious cookies you can buy slightly warm in Marks and Spencers in the UK.  It’s just much, much larger!

The only problem is that I’m on a health kick and so have to find a way of not eating the entire thing once the girls are in bed tonight.  Also, what am I going to keep it in?!  Maybe eating it is the only sensible solution…


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