Labor Day weekend


It’s the end of Summer this weekend.  Not that you can tell from the daytime temperature, which is staying firmly around 38c during the day.  However, the mornings are very pleasant in the garden before the sun gets above the trees.  The humidity has dropped a little bit too.  The pool is also getting cooler.

However, Labor Day marks the end of Summer here.  From tomorrow the family pools at the club are only open at weekends and then only until the end of September.  So today is the last hooray of Summer at the club and will include similar activities to the veterans’ day celebrations – lots of food, drinking, a midday disco and bouncy castles!

So far this weekend we’ve mainly swum in the pool:


The other activities we’d planned for this weekend had to be postponed.  We wanted to go to a state park where there are lots of alligators wandering around but it was just too hot, even for alligators who tend to hide away when the weather is too warm.  We’ll save that for another day.

So, instead we had an enormous breakfast at the club and undertook the obligatory bank holiday activity – we went shopping to the Galleria.

Whilst shopping the girls had their first visit to a Disney Store.  They were completely awestruck and I’ve never seen their eyes so big.  Not so much at all the things they could buy, but more at the twirling full-size princesses that were standing on top of a child-sized castle in the middle of the shop.  And this got us thinking – we should really take the girls to Disney World whilst we are in the USA…

After the shops we headed to a wine bar, The Tasting Rooms, with the girls who were impeccably behaved.  We even managed an hour long conversation whilst the girls entertained themselves (with the help of a couple of iPhones and a fairy book!)

Now everyone in the house is awake reasonably early (it’s 8.25am here) we’re going to get dressed and head off to see some alligators.  There will be more pictures later if we see any!


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