A birthday abroad

It was the Big One’s birthday on Friday and she reached the very grown up age of 6.  It’s astonishing to me that she can be that old when I distinctly remember her being tiny and new born and that seems only very recent.  But 6 she is and she is having a divided birthday with celebrations here and then more celebrations back in England when we go home next week.

Her main presents from us were some artists pencils (which have been used lots already!) and a basketball hoop which has been installed in the garage until it gets a bit cooler.  Both girls are delighted with having a larger play area which they can play in and scoot around in.  The Big One has been scoring lots of baskets too, so she is very pleased with herself!

As her birthday was on a school day, my Lovely Husband and I were allowed to go into her class and celebrate her birthday with all her class mates.  This was a real treat as the school still seems a bit new and unfamiliar to us, so it was good to see the Big One in action at school.  The Little One was allowed to join the Big One’s class for an hour to celebrate her birthday too, which both girls loved.  I think the Big One was more excited about having the Little One in her class than having us there, as she kept moving around so she could give her little kisses and hugs!

The teacher had asked for photos of Grace growing up so she could share them with the class.  A candle was lit and the Big One was given a globe to carry around the sun (the candle) 6 times to represent her growing up.  We then got to sing Happy Birthday and the Big One and her friends and the Little One got to hand out the cakes and cookie cake to all the class.

The Big One’s party was yesterday and it had a mermaid theme.  Here is the Big One (and chief mermaid) waiting for her friends to arrive:

We had lots of mermaid related games (hunt the mermaid wishing stones, hit the sea witch (my Lovely Husband “volunteered” to have the girls throw pretend sea urchins at him!), pass the mermaid treasure etc etc), as well as cake pop decorating (there were some very chocolate-covered princesses!) and a mermaid tea.

Of course, there was a mermaid cake too.

And click here to see what the girls turned the crepe paper sea streamers into after the party…

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