Brazos Bend State Park

Last weekend (it’s been a busy birthday week here, since the delay!) we headed out to Brazos Bend State Park, about 40 minutes South of us here in Houston.  The park is 5000 acres of lakes, oak woods and lots of wildlife.

We headed for the nature discovery centre first and where there are exhibits on the park but most excitingly, a baby alligator you could touch!

Baby alligator

We also saw this huge spider hanging around outside – not dangerous, apparently, but I still don’t want to  find him creeping around in our house…

Very large spider

We took one of the guided trails around a lake in the hope that we might see some adult alligators, but it was too hot and they’d all gone off to nap somewhere in the shade.  (It had been reasonably cool when we’d left home – we’d even had breakfast outside without getting too hot – but in the 40 minutes it took us to get there, the temperature had soared!)

We saw huge tadpoles, with bodies almost as big as the palm of my hand (and I’ve got big hands for a female!), and this bullfrog sitting on a log- I guess it explains why the tadpoles are so large, as he was huge too!


There were lots of different birds:

And a turtle, sunbathing!

Here was a warning sign that made us laugh:

I wonder why they particularly list molest on this sign?  Maybe the connotations of the word are different here!

The park is beautiful and we only saw a tiny part of it, so it’s definitely on our list to visit again when it is cooler.  That way we’ll get to see the alligators ambling across the paths and sliding into the water.

One of the lakes

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