Ben Folds Five live in Houston


My Lovely Husband and I went to see a great band this week, Ben Folds Five, at the Bayou Music Center in Houston.

I’ve liked them since they had a hit in the UK in the 1990s.  The songs are great, with beautiful, often funny, lyrics and the band are all great musicians.  The thing that makes me want to see them live is the piano playing which is fantastic.  So good that I’m almost tempted to take piano lessons again…

The band are also a rare thing in that they seem to play even better live than they do on the albums.

The venue is quite small, which is perfect for the music and it was like they were playing just for us. In fact, the band did an improvised birthday song for a lady in the front row as it was her 40th birthday.  My Lovely Husband and his friend were not impressed with this as they thought it set the bar too high for them when it comes to their wive’s 40th birthdays!  (At least they have a few years still to think about something even better…)

They played one of my favourite songs, Brick, which is so beautiful and sad that it makes me cry, and Song for the Dumped which had the whole audience laughing and singing very loudly.

My Lovely Husband recorded the Little One’s favourite song, Emaline and she is very excited about watching it.  She might be their youngest fan!

There was plenty of audience participation and all of it was surprisingly tuneful!

What a great evening and I’d love to see them again.


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