It’s hard to be back in Houston

So we’re back from nearly 2 weeks in the UK and it feels almost as hard coming back to America as it did when we first arrived.

The girls are very cross about coming back as they had so much fun at home with their friends and all our family. And they really don’t want to go to school. Ever. Unless it is their school in England.

We’ve had tears before school (one morning both of them cried for an hour…), during school and even when I’ve picked them up.

It is exhausting. For all of us. Particularly when they are both still struggling with jet lag and not sleeping too well either.

But it does look like the girls are finally cheering up. The Big One came out of school smiling today for the first time since we’ve been back and the Little One didn’t cry at all.

And they are both in a dance class right now, learning ballet and tap together, which has made them very happy. It will require the purchase of 2 pairs of tap shoes (which I’m sure we may well live to regret, probably quite quickly!) but if it brings my smiley children back then I can probably live with the noise.

However, if you have any spare ear defenders maybe you could send them to me…

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