Pre-school gymnastics and very enthusiastic parenting


The Little One started back at gymnastics again a couple of weeks back. For the first time I got to watch rather than having to join in with all the gymnastic moves myself, which is a relief.  (Although I’m sure completing all the gymnastics moves is better for me…)

She is by far the tallest in the class and she’s very pleased that she can fit in the Big One’s leotard.  There is a lot of prancing and jumping around from all the girls, who are obviously very excited about being in a class without their mummies.

I had a lovely time watching, not just the Little One who was having such fun, but also observing the other mums (or moms)!

There is a huge amount of encouragement coming from two moms in particular who whoop and applaud every single thing their child is doing.  Even if it is just sitting still.  It is very loud encouragement too as the gymnastics hall is huge (big enough for 4 classes of 20 students at the same time) and the little girls are on the far side of the hall.  It is obvious that the gym coaches are can hear the noise though and are not impressed!  It must be hard enough getting a large group of 3 and 4 year olds to concentrate without constant distraction from the parents.

I’m hoping that the cheerleading will calm down soon or I’ll have to start my own very British encouragement from the viewing area. I’m thinking along the lines of very polite applause and the occasional “Bravo”!  At least it will keep me entertained…


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