How to work out who’s an American

This was a conversation that went on between the girls on the way to school yesterday. It made me laugh and appreciate the simplicity of the world when you’re three and six.

Little One: I think Camilla is English.
Big One: Have you asked her?
Little One: No. But she’s very nice.
Big One: You should ask her.
Little One: I don’t want to. She’s a big girl.
Big One: I know how you can tell. How does she say twenty?
Little One: I don’t know.
Big One: Ask her to count to twenty. Americans say “twenny” not twenty. That’s how you tell if she’s American.

The Big One is a fan of “proper” pronunciation. As she pointed out (quite rightly), it’s difficult to spell twenty if you don’t pronounce the second t. Maybe she has a career on the BBC in mind!

2 thoughts on “How to work out who’s an American

  1. I must remember when I meet somebody new to ask them to say twenty then I shall know whether they are American !!!!

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