I’ve got big Texan hair!

I’ve only had my hair cut once since January and the swimming and sun is beginning to take it’s toll on my hair.

I’m scared of having my haircut normally (scarred by a bad experience as a child when my long hair was all cut off and I was left looking like a boy…) so the thought of having my hair cut in a strange country was even more frightening.

But yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror and decided something had to be done.  With one of the top 100 hair salons in the US outside the gates of where we live, it seemed like a sensible place to go.

The haircut went well (as in I still have some hair!) but then came the blow dry…

Would I like it straight or curly?  Straight would be brilliant as it’s always curly but I don’t want to freak out the Little One when I pick her up from school at lunchtime so we went with curly.

This is what I ended up with (which is great, just different from how I normally look…):


Not that curly at all when compared with normal me.

Obviously it looks nothing like this today now I’ve washed it, so the girls are relieved as they were not keen on well-groomed Mummy.  Apparently I look like lots of other Mommies who all have big, bouncy hair and whiter than white teeth (I haven’t succumbed to those yet!)


6 thoughts on “I’ve got big Texan hair!

  1. You look beautiful whatever the state of your hair!! Give you a spangly catsuit and some big spangly boots and you will fit in really well 🙂

    • Why, thank you! I do need to get some spangly cowboy boots before we leave here – they do some incredibly sparkly ones with lots of crystals which the girls love… Not sure where I’d wear them other than here though!

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