Why is my bedroom light on a timer?

Living in a rented house is always a bit strange. Our house here in Houston was built for the owners, to their specification and we’ve met them several times and they’re lovely.

There are a few things that are strange about the house. The light in the shower is on a timer switch so goes on and off very 5 minutes. Apparently this is to do with the steam thing in the shower but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has more to do with limiting the wife’s time in the shower… It’s so annoying that I don’t even switch the light in now as the timer is running whether the light is switched on or not so when I turn it on and it doesn’t come on I never know whether it’s the timer or just broken…

(I won’t mention the thump of the air conditioning when it turns off in the night which sounds like a dead body being dropped on the floor above. According to the landlord it can’t be fixed – the air conditioning expert said different – but I expect this is why the family brought another house. It disturbs my sleep every night…)

But stranger is one of the bedroom lights. This is on a timer too – every ten minutes one of the lights goes on and then after another ten minutes it goes off again. Obviously this only happens when the light is switched on – we would have moved out long before now if it was a permanent thing! Equivalent to mental torture I think.

Why would you have this sort of a timer in your bedroom? Am I just not imaginative enough to think of a reason why?

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