It’s Halloween already here…

It seems that Halloween starts at the beginning of October, so compared to our neighbours we are very far behind in getting involved.  Here is our Halloween effort:

The Big One’s scary face!

The Little One feeling not so scary

We are definitely at the not-so-scary end of Halloween, with our Mr Potato Head pumpkin sets (so much easier than carving the things, although probably not as much in the spirit of the festivities).

Halloween is taken very seriously here.  The houses in the surrounding streets have been dressed for Halloween for a couple of weeks and it feels like there will be sparkling lights on the houses from now until Christmas.  There are parties at school, at people’s houses and at the club here at Royal Oaks (one for grown ups as well as the children’s one).  The shops are full of decorations, foods and costumes.

It’s all a bit odd.  The first time I remember anything remotely Halloween-y when I was a child was in Cornwall when we stayed with my older cousins but it was all quite innocent and not taken as seriously as it is here.

So, here are some of the best decorated houses around here so you get a flavour of it:

Some of them probably look quite scary at night, so I think we’ll just stick with day time visits…

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