Drinks and snacks by the Big One

We’ve been to the school’s annual picnic this afternoon, which was great fun but far too hot. The Big One did not want to leave at the end and got a bit stroppy.

When we got home my Lovely Husband went off to play golf whilst the Little One and I jumped in the pool to cool off. The Big One didn’t want to come in and was busy doing something inside.

After 10 minutes she came out with a tray, some juice and biscuits – a snack for me and my Lovely Husband to say sorry for being stroppy. It was lovely and I can’t remember the last time anyone got me a drink and a snack (it was probably when my Mum was over in the Summer!)

Unfortunately for my Lovely Husband, we had to drink his drink and eat his biscuit as it wouldn’t have been as nice in 4 hours time!

I wonder how long it will be before I can get the girls making breakfast in bed for me…

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