How big is too big?

We were at a birthday party the other weekend (we had two that day) and as it was mid afternoon I wasn’t expecting the Big One to be fed so I’d given her lunch before we got there.  There was food at 2.30pm: pizza (obligatory at all children’s birthday parties here, it seems) which all the children ate (despite most having had lunch only an hour before) and then cake.

It was an amazing pink flower cake, with 2 very large tiers.  I’d guess that it would easily have served 30+ grown ups with large slices.  But this was not to be the case.  The top tier (an 8 inch cake) was cut into just 6 huge pieces and one piece given to each of the children at the party!  The piece the Big One was given was nearly as big as her head.

(I was once advised that you should never attempt to eat anything bigger than your head – very good advice as you probably don’t *need* the 12″ pizza all to yourself…)

Very large piece of cake

She did manage to eat it (which I was stunned by) but then I guess my own capacity for cake-eating is pretty impressive!  I doubt that even I would have managed this much cake without feeling sick though.


3 thoughts on “How big is too big?

  1. OMG. That cake does look amazing. And while I don’t think my kids would be able to finish it… my husband definitely would!

  2. can’t believe Grace ate thet large piece of cake that would have added a few pounds all that icing, well done you

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