What to wear for dinner with the British Consul General?

So, here’s a post I never expected to write.  

Here I am sitting at my laptop writing to all of you and what I really should be doing is thinking about what to wear for dinner tomorrow night.  We’ve been invited to some friends who have the British Consul General coming for dinner.  Now, don’t get me wrong – these are not our usual dining arrangements for a Thursday night and certainly not the type of company we are used to keeping.  (In reality it’s more playdoh and playdates than dining with her Majesty’s representatives!)

So, here is a question for you all: what should I wear?  Obviously this is an excellent excuse for a shopping trip but I’m generally not that good at shopping normally, and certainly not under pressure…  I’ve got less than 2 hours until I have to pick up the Little One from school and feed her lunch, so it doesn’t give me much time.  

Any help (from a distance obviously!) gratefully received.

6 thoughts on “What to wear for dinner with the British Consul General?

      • You have a picture of you and Oli in a black short sequin number with you which I throught was very you.Have you got your 21st birthday necklace with you that would certainly impress the ladies of Houston.

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