Why can’t we do school on the internet?

Today the girls are both feeling very homesick, particularly the Big One who was so distraught I thought she was going to be sick and we had to ring my Lovely Husband to calm her down on the way to school this morning. It’s horrible to see them so upset and not have the right answers to make it better.

This morning the only thing that would have cheered her up would have been telling her that we were all coming home tomorrow for good!

This obviously isn’t possible and we still don’t definitely know when we’ll be returning to England. In the meantime, though, we’re taking the afternoon off school to do something nice in the sunshine instead.

One of the most difficult questions that I was asked (whilst trying to concentrate on getting us safely to school through the challenging Houston driving conditions and calm down the near hysterical Big One at the same time) was this: Why can’t we have lessons from our real school (the one in England!) on the internet like the way you do your work?

What a good question and definitely an example of invention in the face of adversity!

I didn’t have a good enough answer for that question either, other than we’d all have to get up in the middle of the night, every day… Seeing as the Big One isn’t going to sleep until 10pm most nights I can only imagine how grumpy we’d all be if I then had to wake them up at 2.30am so they were ready for a full day of school on the internet!

For the time being, until technology allows us to shift time or fly more quickly between places, we’ll just have to do standard school. Luckily next week is a 4 day week and the following week is only 3 days, then it’s only a week more and we’ll be flying back to the UK for a week. And once we’re back, there are only 4 school weeks left until Christmas.

More immediately, we’re meeting my Lovely Husband for doughnuts (or donuts) as soon as I pick the girls up in half an hour. That’s a good start in cheering them up – it doesn’t get better than an American doughnut…

One thought on “Why can’t we do school on the internet?

  1. At least one good thing about America donuts one of nannys favorite cakes.perhaps you should do a list of good things you have done and seen this year and pin it up so you can be reminded of the positive things you have done, ie swimming pool in back garden ,holidays,

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